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Care for your loved ones and those most vulnerable!!!

The aair Medical Pro is a medical grade air purifier made for large bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. So whatever your needs, this powerful machine will get it done.

The aair Medical Pro is built with a patented Swiss anti-microbial coating that allows our air purifiers to eliminate airborne pathogens without the use of harmful UV rays. This disrupts the cellular membrane of microbes and completely disables their ability to replicate. The result: the aair lite eliminates airborne pathogens while also purifying airborne pollution.

No other company features a 100% anti-bacterial coating on air purifiers, only aeris.

Our air purifiers have been perfected to the point where every single outcome comes out as zero. In other words, our filters achieve the maximum possible HEPA rating.

All aeris air purifiers have been rigorously tested by the highest third party standards, including the AHAM AC-1 test, coronavirus testing, and more.

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Removal of the following airborne organisms have been shown with testing.